For me, art and music go hand in hand.  When i started getting into playing music i always took the opportunity to use my illustrations to push things further, and make them look better.  Album covers, flyers, buttons, and whatever else i could do to fuse my passions together.  Now that i have shifted a lot of my attention back to illustration, i feel i still need to have a place for my musical side.  Although a lot of my musical past hasn’t been properly documented, or archived well, this page will act as a portal to what still stands.  And i hope to post other musical projects i have been a part of, if per say i can find the old tapes.  But for now, enjoy!  These are my most recent musical endeavours.

Click links for band pages and downloads!

R. Mirsky, my solo stuff.  Sometimes you get sick of battling the egos of band mates, and having to rely on others.  This is pure therapy…

Tiny & The Mountain aka Tiny Mountains.  We only lasted just shy of a year, but we managed to get a ‘radio interview’, played a lot of shows, wrote a bunch of fun pop tunes, got a video aired in a popular pizza place here in Canada, went on tour across Eastern Canada, played more shows including a festival, and made people feel good all over.  The only thing it seems we didn’t get a chance to do was record a proper studio album… There are demo tracks flying somewhere through the interweb.  After our fiery demise i  managed to put together a set list of the songs we played for our tour, recorded by the almighty Garbageface on said tour.  Click the link to download the album for FREE!!!!


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