Robb Mirsky
Robb Mirsky is a Toronto based illustrator and cartoonist. He counts among his major influences, independent cartoonists and weirdo illustrators like Ed “Big Daddy” Roth, Basil Wolverton, R. Crumb, E.C. Segar, MAD Magazine, and countless others. Robb goes back and forth - drawing traditionally on paper, and digital drawing on an iPad. While drawing on an iPad is getting to be more standard, Robb still loves the feel and texture of real paper.

Robb has been designing and drawing posters for the Toronto music community for over a decade now. His unique style of weirdo cartooning and screwball drawings set him apart from most of the other music posters around town. This style is easily identifiable whether its on a show poster, a beer label, illustrations in a book, album art, or in a contribution to a zine. He transfers his whimsical imaginings to paper in a way that engages and catches the eye, and ignites imagination.

Robb is a founder of the Toronto comics collective ‘Read More Comix!’ established in 2015. ‘Read More Comix!’ have released five anthology comic books (plus various mini comics), travelled parts of North America, and have been featured in both Taddle Creek magazine and The Toronto Comic Jam (in print books and live interviews). Read More Comix! #3 was nominated for a Gene Day award in 2018. Currently ‘Read More Comix!’ is inactive, but that hasn’t stopped Robb. He just released issue two of his ongoing series, ‘Sludgy’, the swamp monster with a heart of gold. “Comics are in my blood, and I can’t see myself not drawing them, whether or not anyone is reading them.”

Aside from constantly drawing comics, Robb can be found designing shirts and prints for ‘My Moving Parts’ a company he founded with his screen printer wife Rebecca. Rebecca has a silk screen studio set up in the basement of their house, and they crank out new designs and prints on the regular. “We like being in control of our art, and not having to answer to higher ups, so starting a DIY company like this just made sense.” Robb still takes on new clients for illustration jobs, but at the end of the day it’s nice to operate their own company, on their own terms.

In his downtime, Robb enjoys drawing weird things on his couch while his wife look on in horror and his two kids sleep.


Named among the 'Top 10 Poster Artists in Toronto' by BlogTO in 2015


My Moving Parts, apparel and print company, 2018
Read More Comix! print comics collective, 2015


Sludgy #1,2
Read More Comix #1-5 with David Craig and James Spencer (anthology series)
Life Without Parole (comics collection)
Power Off and Play! (Illustrated children’s book for the Niagara government)
End of the Line (anthology series)


The Toronto Comic Arts Festival (TCAF)
Comic Arts Brooklyn (CAB)
Chicago Alternative Comics Expo (CAKE)
Expozine (Montreal)
Kazoofest (Guelph)
Canzine (Toronto)
Stitch N Kitsch (Kitchener/Waterloo)
and more…


“Too Tough To Die: Comics Anthology” edited by J.T. Yost, Birdcage Bottom Books
“Taddle Creek” various issues, edited by Conan Tobias
“Call Out Comics” edited by Jonathan Rotszain
“Brick by Brick” by David Craig
“The Fang: Weekend at Medusa’s” by Marc Palm
“Static Zine” various issues, edited by Jessica Lewis, Aviva Cohen, Melody Lamb
“Toronto Comic Jam print books” assembled and edited by Thomas J. King
“Chilly Tales: Comics from the Canadian Undertundra” curated by Plierpants


Northern Contemporary Gallery
The Steamwhistle Brewery
Creatures Creating
Project 165
methinks presents “We Made A Deal With The Devil” travelling art show

Clients Include:

Taddle Creek Magazine, The Doug Wright Awards, St. Paul & the Broken Bones, Niagara Government, Broken Pencil Magazine, Canzine, POP Montreal, NeXT Shows, Quench Magazine, Short Finger Brewing Co., Craft Beer Passport, Long Winter TO, Big Grill Catering, Ramani Real Estate, Half Fuller Productions, Toronto Comic Jam, Terrific Women comedy show, Touring T.O. web series, and more…
Performers include: Elsa, Fucked Up, Alvvays, Homeshake, Ventanas, Sara Hennessey, Evan Desmarais, Garbageface, The Seams, The Nursery, Spells of Vertigo, Hot Kid, and many more…