Robb Mirsky
Robb Mirsky is a Toronto based illustrator and comic maker. He counts among his major influences, underground cartoonists and funky illustrators like R. Crumb, Peter Bagge, Ed Roth and Basil Wolverton. Robb still hand-draws -- pen to paper, paying homage to these classic influences & the craft itself.

Robb’s work is currently a fixture in the Toronto street art landscape: as one of the go-to local artists creating gig posters for local bands. What keeps audiences coming back is his rare & authentic style. This style, allows his work to really stand out amongst others in his field. Whether it is a product label, a show poster, album art or zine’ -- Robb transfers his whimsical imaginings to paper in a way that engages & catches the eye...and ignites imagination!

Those who have worked with him already, note his easy going attitude. Like any great artist Robb can wear many hats: balancing professionalism, artistry and design expertise. There is a heart and soul to what he creates and whoever has the pleasure of working alongside him, will learn this firsthand.

In his downtime, Robb enjoys drawing weird things on his couch while his wife looks on in horror and his two kids sleep.


Named among the 'Top 10 Poster Artists in Toronto' by BlogTO

'Logo Design Contest Winner' for the Toronto Comic Jam


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The Toronto Comic Arts Festival (TCAF)
Comic Arts Brooklyn (Brooklyn, NY)
Expozine (Montreal)
Kazoofest (Guelph)
Canzine (Toronto)
Queen West Art Crawl
and more…


“Chilly Tales”
“Call Out Comics”
“Static Zine”
“Nest Magazine”
“Spring's Skull” zine
“Toronto Comic Jam” monthly print books


Northern Contemporary Gallery
The Steamwhistle Brewery
Creatures Creating
Project 165
methinks presents “We Made A Deal With The Devil” travelling art show

Clients Include:

Broken Pencil Magazine, POP Montreal, methinks presents, Nest Magazine, NeXT Shows, Ramani Real Estate, Big Grill Catering, Half Fuller Productions, Craft Beer Passport, Toronto Comic Jam, Long Winter, Short Finger Brewing Co., Terrific Women, Sara Hennessey (Comedian), Evan Desmarais (Comedian). BANDS: Elsa, Fucked Up, Ventanas, Garbageface, The Seams, The Nursery, Spells of Vertigo, Hot Kid, and many more…