A New Day…

changei woke up this morning to a new (hopefully better) government, so here’s to feeling optimistic.

But also on the weekend, i saw my first sighting of snow…  so…. pessimism will prevail…

Change is in the air people!

On another note, this past weekend i tabled my first Canzine and had a goddamn blast!  Sold lots of comics and stuff.   Met lots of really cool people.  Won the Zine Race.  Chester Brown told me he liked my Canzine poster.  A really great day all in all.  Thanks to everyone who came out and supported the comics and zine scene here in Toronto.  It really means a lot to not only me, but all the other makers struggling to get a sliver of your attention.

And on the last note, i’ve started a comix club with a couple of my maker friends.  We haven’t really fleshed anything out yet, but you can expect weekly comics again from yours truly (if you miss posting a week, you owe a round of beers).  Also, weekly postings from the rest of the crew:  Andy Harris, James Spencer and David Craig.
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3 thoughts on “A New Day…”

  1. Now THAT’S incentive to stay reg’lar!

    Have you thought about an Etsy shop to sell your zines online? That’s how I managed to pick up Cameron Lee’s Keep On Dronin’.

      1. If my vote matters, I hope you do. I haven’t been to the city in a while, and I’m behind on your comics.

        “Holy crap, whatta comic” is right! I’m taking it in one story at a time. It’s great stuff!

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