New minis!

So I forgot to talk about it when I first released it, but now that there’s another one, I guess I should…  We have some new print comics!!  That’s right kiddies, real paper!  Two more issues of my no staple, mini comics.  

First up is the ‘Lemonade Brigade’. It was initially made for TCAF back in May. It’s about lemons with bad attitudes – sour, if you will…. Sorry, that was terrible…  And there’s a fold out comic on the inside about a vampire who likes The Godfather.  It’s printed on a beigey-yellow paper, my first in colour!



And the second one is a drawing zine instead of a comic. Based on sketches of people trending on Instagram, this zine is much looser then the usual issues. I like this style too, but don’t worry, I just finished writing the next comic. Follow my hashtag #whileyouweretrending on Instagram to see more drawings. I printed this puppy on light blue paper, and it looks real nice..

   Anybody who is interested in purchasing copies of these minis (as well as previous issue ‘Lonny and Sly’) can do so today at the North By Northeast Comic and Prints Fair (click the link for the details).  I won’t actually be there though.. I have to work the day job.. But go visit the Toronto Comic Jam table and you grab yourselves copies for a buck a piece. I know, cheap right?! 


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