November 30/14

sbc_nov-30-14I know some people like to boast that vinyl is a reemerging fad, and that we won’t care again in like 5 minutes, but some of us never stopped collecting and playing records.  It’s quite possibly a mainstream fad, but when the general public gets over their new found love for the format, the rest of us will continue to search through bins for the good stuff.  I have upwards of 6oo+ CDs at my house, and if you wanna talk about a shitty format that won’t last through time nearly as well…….

And yes, were seeing a uprising of the cassette tape….  But that’s something for another post….

Anyways, this comic marks the last day of the #30dayscomics challenge that i was a part of last November.  Draw a comic a day; simple enough and a great excuse to make some pages.  I still have a few pages to go with this strip, so keep coming back for more!  And whatever is to come next!

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2 Responses to November 30/14

  1. RoosterTree says:

    I can still remember the first party I went to that spun CDs (early 90s), watching people leave bare discs out on coffeetables and on the floor. I’d already seen delicately-handled early CDs skip due to microscratches, and was left speechless when I was told, “Don’t worry, CDs last forever!” Riiiight. This was after suffering through the age of (highly sensitive) laserdisc movies in the 70s.

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