November 23/14 – Not Feeling So Good….

sbc_nov-23b-14And sometimes when you gotta go…. You gotta go….

On another note, I just finished a moleskine sketchbook that is full of these comics.  Every bloody page!  It doesn’t even look like a sketchbook anymore..  And i did a page count, and i have drawn 80 of these pages since mid-September.  It’s cool to see how it’s progressed since then.  I still have a bunch more to post, and we’ll get there in the coming weeks, but i’m going to slow down on making these, so that i can work on some other projects, and recharge my brain.  It has been a really great exercise to do these, and i know it has strengthened my pen skills, but maybe not my storytelling skills so much…  Don’t worry, i won’t be stopping these comics, I’ve really grown into the characters, and there’s so much that can be expanded on, but maybe just a break.

Look for other things in the coming time, but ya know, we’ll still be posting these comics too!


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