November 2/14 (again)….

sbc_nov-2b-14So….. I don’t really know what’s going on in this comic…. Maybe it’s an extension of the last page, and the sickness is really messing him up?  Maybe he drank too much cough syrup (again)?….  Maybe he took some MDMA?  Who the fuck knows…. it’s not for us to know…. shit, i just draw the damn thing….

On another note, i did not get into TCAF (Toronto Comic Arts Festival) yet again…  (to be specific, at least this year i got on the wait list, but by the time i find out if i got a table from the wait list, i won’t have enough time to make all the things i was planning).   I was planning on collecting these sketchbook comic pages into a big book….  And i was going to make a couple new mini comics for print…. and i was gonna collect my old blog strips and make another book outta them!  A lot of plans i had…. Anyways, since i didn’t get in, all those plans are a bust..  So now i gotta figure out what to do next… I’m not gonna lie.. i feel a little lost right now, but the wounds are still fresh….  So hopefully soon i’ll have a better idea of what the fuck i’m doing with these comics, or other comics, or art in general…..



5 thoughts on “November 2/14 (again)….”

  1. Why are the plans a bust? If you want to make comics and put them in a book – do it. Regardless of your acceptance to TCAF.

    There are more venues than TCAF. If you get a table last minute, you’re ready. If you get in next year – you already have some comics to sell.

    Make your minis and collections – making them will make it more likely that you’ll be in shows to sell them.

    1. I’m with Lezley, so some stuff anyway. It may be too expensive to print up everything but I bet you could get a pretty decent turnout if we did your own book launch. Either way, sorry to hear bro.

  2. i always do, but i am sitting on piles of old crap here at home. I wanted to make a real book, that i didn’t bind myself. But i’m not gonna make a book like that (financially, it’s a big investment) if i don’t have a place to sell them. I’m sick of selling shit out of my backpack (or giving it away for free, when people don’t wanna pay) and trying to get it into stores like The Beguiling (who have lost my stuff in the past). I’m sick of cutting down trees and making books that no one cares about. The vast and lonely internet is where we will stay.

    It’s okay, i just have to change up my shit to suit this modern world.. No more books and zines, just posts to the internet. Which is kind of okay, cuz now i won’t go broke trying to get people to read my crap.


  3. Everything is all good. Bummer news this morning, but some time and some weed helps heal my bruised ego. Fuck it, we will move on. Sometimes i can be overdramatic….. fucking artists…..

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