November 1/14 – Canzine

sbc_nov-1-14Canzine, canzine, canzine!!!

Looking at my posts, this should have come before yesterdays comic (woulda flowed better), but i’m just posting them in the order i drew them.  Maybe later i’ll go back and configure a better order of the pages…

Also, this comic marks the beginning of the 30 Days of Comics challenge i participated in this past month.  Over on tumblr, there was a comic challenge where you draw a comic a day for the month of November.  I thought it would be a good way to get some real page drawing done, so i accepted the challenge..  Well, although i missed a couple days, i drew 2 comics on some other days, made some other doodle comics in some spare time, and completed another comic project for something completely different all together.  I think i drew about 35 pages of comics in the 3o day period… So, a good month i must say!!

So, here’s day one!


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