‘Life is a Struggle’

esta_vidaSomething from the sketchbook that i posted to Tumblr over the weekend.  Here’s a nice scan of it though.  Which is better?  I have no idea.  I drew this with my Pentel Pocket Brush and Sharpies.  Didn’t plot it out with pencil, so don’t mind the goofy looking hands…

Also, i know i’ve been saying this a bit lately, but i spend a lot of time on Tumblr.  I find its a better site for me to interact with.  So, if you are on Tumblr, add me!  I post a bunch more things there than here; i feel it’s less formal (whatever that means)…  So, i’m going to keep up with this, but i think there’s more to look at there, so come find me!!!!



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