Important People…

big_rush_postA comic that appeared in my ‘Life Without Parole’ strip book about assholes and their self entitled attitude when driving.  I should probably make a comic about self entitled bicyclists, and pedestrians at this point, cuz ya know, turns out everyone is a self-entitled dick…  I’m not bitter, just calling it as i see it.  But i digress…..

There’s still a few copies left of the comic book, and then they are done forever!  So get one while they last, cuz i’m not going to reprint this book (probably…)

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2 Responses to Important People…

  1. Nena Dagloos says:

    I don’t think you’re being bitter, maybe it’s just people in general. Nowadays people seem to have so much trouble with just saying the word ‘Sorry’, at least here in the Netherlands. Here’s something from a self-entitled dick that will probably make you laugh more than those on the street 😉

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