procrastinationWell, this is bound to happen right?  Working for yourself, with no money coming in, self inflicted deadlines, us artists do it for the love (or at least we hope), but sometimes it’s easy to get distracted when you are doing it for no one but yourself….

This comic originally appeared as the back comic to my ‘Bready’ mini comic that came out last year.  Unless you got a physical copy (there’s still a few left), you wouldn’t have seen this.. Feeling nostalgic a bit as i finally make #3 in my mini comic series.  It’ll be a little different, but same format and folding.  It’ll be out soon (i hope), but distractions are rampant around here, so who knows!!!!

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5 Responses to Procrastination…

  1. I thought I recognized that talking joint from somewhere

  2. It’s happening to me right now.

  3. …keep him busy, Robb, I’m getting its done whilst he’s at your house… : )

  4. …(crap)…”heaps” not “it’s”….could that have been a cumulative affect?!?….

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