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I’ve been quietly working away on this short story for a while now.  Back in February, i signed up for the Santoro Correspondence Course for Comic Book Makers.  The course is run by Frank Santoro who has been working in comics since the late 80’s.  He knows his stuff.  He breathes comics.  He’s nice as Hell.  This is a guy i wanted to learn from.  Frank basically gets you thinking about comics in a whole new light.  Writing and making this story, i took a different approach than normal.  I started by making short sequences and built a story around the actions.  I wrote the dialogue waaaaaay after conceiving and drawing the story.  Everything i did to make this story was pretty much the complete opposite of how i would have done it all before the course.  And he got me to make a story in full colour!!!!  Frank gives some really valuable advice and is really supportive of the projects.  And now i’m seeing comic making in a whole new light, and with a (somewhat) new approach.  This course was really invaluable and I really liked it.

If you are serious about making comics, and may feel like you need some help, or guidance, consider this course.  It’s a lot of work, but i think its really worth it if you keep at it.


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