U is for The Ugly Ducklings

ugly_ducklingsU is for The Ugly Ducklings…

The Ugly Ducklings were a garage rock band from my hometown of Toronto, Canada.  They were coming up as the folk scene of Yorkville was the main musical focus of the city in the 1960’s.  Of course these guys are before my time, but while everyone else was playing acoustic guitars in coffee shops and reciting sappy poetry, the Ducklings were making an electric racket and singing about breaking up with your girlfriend (who’s just in it for the money anyways…).  I really like The Ugly Ducklings.  Like so many of their garage counterparts they embodied (what i think at least) is the punk rock spirit. There’s not a lot of material out there from the band, but their debut album ‘Somewhere Outside’ is a great collection of what they do best, which is, rock out!


Made for the alphabands tumblr page…


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