Forever Green submission..

green_ranger_RGBWell kids it pays to do your research and plan things out ahead BEFORE you start a project….  I was going to submit this piece to the Forever Green fanzine put together by Foxing Quarterly, but like an idiot i read the guidelines AFTER finishing my piece…  If i would have read them before i would have seen that i had specific colours i was allowed to use and page measurements… Ah well… Good thing they have both a tumblr for all the submissions and a print book for the people who make the cut (and follow instructions)…

So here is my submission to the fanzine.  I’m not gonna lie, i wasn’t really a fan of the show that much when it was originally airing… my younger brother was really into it though, so i watched because of proximity.  I guess thats why my submission has the Green Ranger cutting the Blue Ranger in half….  Blue Ranger was a dork anyways….

I also really just wanted to contribute because i like the stuff I’ve seen from Foxing Quarterly and Alex Schubert did the cover…


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