R is for Jay Reatard


R is for Jay Reatard…

Easily one of the most prolific artists of his generation, Jay played in tons of bands, recorded tons of music, and produced lots of really great stuff too.  Starting at the age of 15, home recording with his guitar, a shitty recorder, and a bucket (which i would steal years later when recording my own bedroom album), Jay starts recording the beginning of what seems like a never-ending discography of great music.  The Reatards, Lost Sounds, Terror Visions, Angry Angles, and of course his solo albums as ‘Jay Reatard’ are just the most recognized of his projects, but theres more under the surface.  Jay died at the beginning of 2010 by an accidental overdose and left a great void in the independent music community.  I still listen to Jay Reatard all the time.  His music is great, and he delves into more than just the punk rock he started with.  Each one of the projects i listed above has got a different sound and vibe, which i love because theres so much variety in his body of work.  I wonder what he would sound like today…..

Theres a really great documentary called ‘Better Than Something’ for anyone who loves Jay, or wants to learn more.

Miss ya bud…..


This illustration was made for the alphabands tumblr.  Check it out, there’s some really great artists contributing to this thing!


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