New books are here!!!


So, if you follow me on Facebook or Tumblr you might have seen the announcement that i have a new little printed book just in time for TCAF!  Yep, a real life book!  Don’t let the computer screen burn your retinas anymore!!!  So i don’t have a table at TCAF but i’ll be walking around buying stuff and handing my books out to anyone who asks!  I like these better than business cards for when trying to ‘network’ or whatever…

I only printed 100 of the first run, and they are all numbered and signed.  12 new one page comics (i posted a couple of them already, but those ones have been touched up and worked out so they look better).  I should have some left over after this weekend, so if anyone out of town is interested, get in touch and i can send you something in the mail!  For any mail orders they will be $1+shipping.  So talk to me if you are into it!

Send an email to with ‘Gimme Comix!’ in the subject line!


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