P is for Ariel Pink


P is for Ariel Pink….

Lately i have been listening to a lot of Ariel Pink.  With having over a dozen albums to choose from and discover, i’ll never get tired of him!  It’s great!!  He’s really inspiring too.  His lo-fi bedroom style recordings reminds me of when i used to make music on a regular basis and basically record the same way.  He makes me want to write some tunes again…  but don’t tell anybody…

If you don’t know Ariel Pink, he is an ‘avant-garde’ recording artist who’s output of music can be daunting at times.  He can be a pretty weird dude, sometimes using his armpits and mouth sounds for percussion.  Doing most things on his own; playing all the instruments  and writing everything.  He also does a lot of collaborations with others, produces other artists, and keeps some strange sketchbooks…

This illustration was made for the Alphabands project on Tumblr.  If you’re on Tumblr, you should follow Alphabands cuz lots of cool artists contribute to draw their favourite musicians.  And hell, if you got one, why not submit it to them!

For more on Ariel Pink, go here

For more on Alphabands, go here

(You may be thinking that this should be filed in “A”? But seeing as it’s his stage name, i figured i could get away with it.  The band is Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti… listen to ’em!)


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