One day in the woods….

one_day_in_the_woodsHere’s a comic i did last year.  It was the fold-out in my (now out of print) Life Without Parole mini comic #2.  I’m currently working on getting something new ready for TCAF (Toronto Comic Arts Festival), which happens to be the weekend of May 10, here in Toronto, so no new strip this week. Most of you haven’t seen this comic, as that only 100 copies of the mini were printed and distributed, so i don’t feel so bad about not having something new for ya.   Anyways, look out for a very short book of strips from me.  I’ll post about it, and do some mail orders if anyone is interested.  The price will most likely be pretty cheap (to cover mailing costs) and they will be pretty limited.  Also, if yer planning on attending TCAF, i will be handing some out, so let’s meet up and ill give you one in person!

Okay, enough rambling, there’s drawings to be done!!!

side note – If yer in the Toronto area and like comics, i strongly recommend going to TCAF…


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