M is for Mudhoney


Sorry guys, no comic today.  I’m working on some projects for things coming up, so instead i thought i’d share a drawing from one of my favourite albums of my youth.  More comics soon though!  I swear!!!

This was drawn with the intention of being a part of an online collaboration called AlphaBands, in which illustrators and cartoonists draw a band or musician for one letter of the alphabet each week for 26 weeks on Tumblr.  Unfortunately, I’m just getting on board now and haven’t been doing it since the letter ‘A’….. so, i suck and am a cheat…. but i really wanted to draw this album cover.  It’s really iconic for me, and a great photograph.  How the hell do you capture that shot so perfectly without making it up?!?!

Also, Superfuzz Bigmuff (the album) is a great record that totally opened the floodgates of the Seattle ‘grunge’ scene for me a long time ago.  The expanded version with the early singles is where it’s at.  Some of my favourite tunes!!!  Pick it up!!!  MUDHONEY!!!!


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