Pass the dutchie…

weed_comixDude!  Don’t bogart that doobie!  Some people just don’t know how to share…..  This one goes out to all the potheads..  You know you’ve been there….

On another note, this week my blog turns TWO!!!!  That’s right.  I’ve been annoying you with silly comix for 2 damn years now!!!!  I mean, i have been doing this for much longer, but the whole internet thing… well, i’m still trying to wrap my head around it….  Anyways, stay tuned for so much more in the time to come.  And who knows, maybe if i can find some extra time, in the future i’d like to go back to posting more than once a week.  But we’re still working on that……  Until then…..

Thanks for all the love!!!!

And follow me on Tumblr for all this plus sketchbook pages on a more consistent basis!


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