Life Without Parole is on Facebook!

lwp-bannerHello friends!  Hope everyone had a good holiday season, regardless of what you got up to.   One of the things i wanted to do for the new year, was to give the LWP comics an actual home.  Having the blog is great, but it’s also where i put my other posts.  So i opened a Facebook fan page for the comics, and only the comics.  The idea is to get a “clubhouse” or community for these ‘Life Without Parole’ strips and pages together in one place.

So, if you use Facebook, come ‘Like’ the page!  

It’s also an easier way for me to interact with the folks who are digging what i do.  I love hearing from people, sometimes it’s hard to respond back on this site, so let’s be friends!

And also, please spread the (good) word of these comics to anyone you may know who is into this kinda thing.  Every little bit helps!!!

updates tuesdays…


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