Cassettes are back!?

tapes-coolSo, word on the street is that the cassette is back.  I know there’s lots of mixed feelings about this one..  It’s been taken so seriously that over the weekend was the first Cassette Store Day in a few select places.  I don’t really know where to stand on this one.  I like cassettes as a collector, they are fun, and small, and bring me back to being a kid and having tons of them.  Slap a download code on it and as far as i’m concerned they are just as relevant as CD’s are these days.  Kind of a fun, kitchy collector item (and an affordable way for small bands to put out a physical release, so i can’t complain about that).  Besides, i don’t have a working CD player anymore anyways (what the hell am i supposed to do with 500+ CD’s in my basement?!).  My first choice is still and will always be vinyl, but i find it interesting and refreshing that the market is getting back into tangible goods.


2 thoughts on “Cassettes are back!?”

  1. Great illustration! I threw away all the cassettes I had left after listening to my favorite mixtape from when I was 15 and hating the experience. Sometimes nostalgy’s nicer in theory than in practice.

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