Mini Comic #2: The 90’s

90s_coverWell, today looks as good as any day to launch issue #2 of the new mini comic!  The original plan was to have three issues to hand out for TCAF (May 11-12), but time escaped me, and with so many other things on the go, it just wasn’t possible.  Instead of making a new one, i have to go and print more copies of #1, cuz i got over excited and handed most 100 of them out already…

As always, if you are interested in getting a copy of your own, I’d be happy to mail some out (if you pay for basic shipping), or if yer in the Toronto area, just ask me for one!

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2 Responses to Mini Comic #2: The 90’s

  1. This sounds really interesting. Also, I own a t-shirt with the cover of Dinosaur Jr’s Without A Sound…which naturally makes me like this even more.

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