An Ode To An Old Friend..

This was a comic that i did for the Static Zine.  Static Zine is this cool little collective from Toronto who make kick ass zines.  I really like them, cuz they are hard working peeps who make fun (print!) publications and give them out for free! (i really respect that!)  I first discovered them at Sky Blue Sky Sandwich Co., while eating some lunch, and as soon as i saw it, i knew i had to get a page in one of their books.  This issue was a tribute to Fanzines, so everyone had to make an article about something they “fan” over.  Getting to contribute to a zine was already making me feel really nostalgic (and old..), so i wrote about another love of mine that spawned around the same teenaged time in my life, mixtapes.  I remember bits of high school where i’d make really elaborate mixtapes, while laying around reading punk zines.  These were my formative years.  This was important!!!

I really liked how this comic came out, it was the first one i did working on a larger scale.  It’s also one of the few comics i did not letter by hand.  And i threw in some halftone effects to make it look older.  So, if you are in Toronto, keep your eyes peeled for Static Zine #5 if you want a print copy of this comic!  Or, get in touch, and i can sell you a large scale print of the story for $15!  Whatta deal!


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