I dunno how you guys feel about it, but the first sighting of snow is both a beautiful and a depressing feeling…  It looks so magical dancing across the air, so playful.  But then it dawns on you.. The next three months, at least… The cold… The lack of sun…  the dampness…  ughh.. winter… how I loathe thee….  I’m going to miss being social, going to the park, milkshakes, not wearing a jacket, things like that.  When i saw my first snowfall of the season the other day, all these thoughts came rushing at me.  It could be worse though… I could live in Winnipeg, or somewhere that winter is actually an issue.  And i usually find winter to be a great time to be creative (what else are you supposed to do…), so maybe i’ll write a new comic book, or record a short album…  Anything to keep busy, and my mind off of darkness by 5pm…. sigh…


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