Geriatric Rock City

I just couldn’t resist… Yesterday, KISS played here in Toronto, and i was shocked to see how many people online were excited for it.  The self professed “brand” (that’s right, they call themselves a brand, not a band) is still touring (this time with Mötley Crüe, ughhh….) and still caking on that make-up.  Don’t get me wrong, I still love some old rockers, and will still pay money to see them (Neil Young for example), but KISS has almost always rubbed me the wrong way (I had a brief stint in grade school where i thought they were “all that”). There’s something about people who have to dress up in over the top costumes and make-up to sell their music, that I guess i just don’t get.  I’ve grown up with the understanding that it was about the art, not some shlocky gimmick.  I guess the gimmick is their art, cuz the music doesn’t really do much…..

Either way, i hope everyone had a good time at the show last night (and every time for the next 100 years, cuz i don’t think they will ever stop), and i hope Gene Simmons didn’t slip and break his hip…. although i’m sure that’s coming….


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