Dog is Blue

Just wanted to showcase a little fan art i did last week.

If you don’t know, check out Dog is Blue.  They are a wicked ‘ghost-folk’ duo from Toronto.  Catchy songs and multiple instrumentation at once make them a lot of fun to see live!  I’m not just being biased either.  Sure I’ve played many times with them live; solo, with my old band Tiny Mountains, and together onstage as Sweater Weather, but that doesn’t change how much fun they are!  Also, they are stellar visual artists, Laura being a killer painter and fine artist (see her work here!), and Paul is a funny ass illustrator (lookit over here!) and makes guitar fuzz pedals.  Need more proof of their awesomeness?  Check out this video that Paul animated on his iPad.  1700 frames later you get this!

Anyways, that’s enough gushing about my talented friends.  Go to their site, listen to some tunes, catch a show, support independent music!!!


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