Check your ego at the door!

The idea of the classic rock stars are dead.  Bottom line.  There are no labels to float you a big advance that you can piss away on hookers and blow.  There’s no trashing hotel rooms, cuz if you even can afford them to begin with, you have to pay for your own damages.  So leave your rock star ego in the excess of the 1970’s, where it may have actually mattered.  These days, the fans are what matters.  They are the only ones supporting you, listening, and caring…  Harsh right?  I know, but this is the world we live in.  So, don’t write off your fans.  Don’t act like they don’t matter.  Don’t be a dick!  Being humble goes further than being a pompous ass.  There are so many bands i have fallen out of love with because the people involved are ungrateful shitheads.  So, stay golden.  ‘Kill Rock Stars’, and check your ego at the door…


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