Don’t Be Fooled Kids!

Hello friends!  Sorry for the lack of posts last week.  I had to get outta town and recharge, and that meant no internet or phone service.  What a wonderful week!  And now i come back to you refreshed, excited to start drawing again!

The latest addition to the ‘Musical Squares’ serial goes out to the independent musicians out there.  I have been here so many times before, i assumed i couldn’t have been the only one.  Evaluating and re-evaluating what i do and why.  Struggling the day to day.  Wondering if anyone actually cares, or if i just do this all for vanity purposes.  I know some people start playing music because they have aspirations of getting famous and becoming a rock star, or want to impress the ladies… But after lugging equipment from show to show, weekend after weekend, barely (if at all) getting paid for your performances and art, it always comes back to “WHY? Why do we do it?”

Greed can be a great driving force, of course, but struggling as an independent musician or artist in a big city can be a little jading.  It’s hard work out there in the ‘trenches’ and we gotta keep our heads up.  So what if it is a vanity project?  If you love what you do, it should be enough.  It’s not easy turning art into commerce (if you figure out how, please tell me!!!).  So first and foremost you should be happy with your own work and output, and others will see that and get into it too.  It’s not easy (something i have battled everyday for the past decade or so….).  No one is gonna sign you to a record label and advance you $1000000 anymore.  You gotta do it all yourself these days.  So keep your chin up, and remember to make art that makes you happy, and keep putting yourself out there!

“If you build it, they will come……”


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