The Lighter Side Of…

Okay, i have never really been a fan of waving a lighter around at a show during the ‘epic’ or ‘ballad’ song, but i cant help but miss those times…  Especially because instead now everyone waves their phones around….  And not just during a specifically moving song either…. Every song!  I get that people want a keepsake of the show, so they record it on their phones, but think about the guy behind you….. Maybe he doesn’t wanna watch the show through your phone…. Maybe he also paid good money to see the band live, not on a tiny screen glowing in the dark…  It’s like watching Youtube in real life…..  Are we really that lame???  Can we put the phones away for like a minute?  Enjoy real life again?

Ya, we all do it, so lets all try to NOT do it!


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