Smartphones make people dumb…

We have become a nation so obsessed with technology, and our phones specifically, that i am convinced that it will become our downfall (see above….)  Walking down the street, no one looks up anymore…. Either we are texting, Facebooking, tweeting, or listening to music.  Either way, don’t expect any sort of acknowledgement from anyone anymore.  Our phones hold everything in them.  Why have a real conversation when you can text someone instead (to be fair, i can be guilty of this stuff too sometimes).  At least you don’t have to have that awkward face to face interaction anymore.  I think it’s getting to a point where we may forget how to interact with each other all together if not for our computers and phones… And what about learning? And retaining information?  We don’t really need to do any of that anymore cuz you can just Google what you need to know right from your pocket.

Close down the libraries, and burn your old encyclopedias, because in this day and age, they are worthless……

Sad huh?….


3 thoughts on “Smartphones make people dumb…”

  1. It’s changed our attention span, myself included. It seems like when I talk to people, I have to use sound bites, not actual sentences, or heaven forbid, paragraphs.

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