Speak Up!

Ever gone to a show and the people in front of you are trying to have a conversation on top of the band playing onstage?  Annoying, right?  I mean, is this really the best time to try to catch up with an old friend?  Or hit on some random girl?  We all paid hard earned money to see the show, and these jerks are totally just gabbing away on top…

Or, how about when YOU are trying to watch a gig, and some dude decides now is a great time to chat with you about nothing in particular?  Still, just as annoying, and this dude doesn’t even have a clue!  Like what?  You think this cant wait till between sets?  Or when yer outside smoking?  Are you so important that what you have to say needs to be heard right now?  Over the music?  Ya?  I didn’t think so…..

Rant over….


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