Why Do We Do It?

Being an artist is a labor of love…. Really… I been creating (drawing comics, writing and performing songs) for half of my life now (at least!).  That’s like 15 years…. Good thing i love it, cuz being an artist is not always the most rewarding job.  Of course as we all get older, we usually get more cynical about life, and want to see our creations flourish.  But unless you have established yourself as an artist, and can actually make a living off your talents I hope yer still in it for the love…

I once actually saw a band do an interview about reforming the group after a 10 year (or so) break-up.  When asked why they reformed, the singer simply said “I need to put my kids through college somehow…”

This is a look at how perceptions and priorities change over time and with gradual success…..

Why do you do it?


3 thoughts on “Why Do We Do It?”

  1. Your cartoon was spot on. I can understand musicians. The touring, staying in strange cities, being away from loved ones, it has to take a toll.I heard an interview with REM, They say they broke up after 30 years as a band because they were tired. That makes sense.

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