Too Cool

Just a little jab at the whole “hipster” thing.  I think the term is kinda bullshit, but these people definitely do exist.  Let’s just call them jerks instead of hipsters though.

Why would you go to a show only to make fun of the bands playing?  Sounds like a waste of money, and a way to show everyone around you that you like being a pretentious dick.  And come on people, show some backbone!  If you like something, LIKE IT!!! Don’t hide in the closet worrying about what your “too cool” friends may think.  OWN IT!!!!

Enjoy your PBR with all the other haters….


8 thoughts on “Too Cool”

  1. Ugh, so true. At the Fiona Apple show there were two girls in front of me talking the entire time and making fun of her outfit and generally not paying attention. The tix were 60$!! Insane.

  2. Thanks for this. I went to art school where I ran into plenty of this. I think its a social class thing. Most of the cool hipsters in the class couldn’t actually draw, but seemed to come from the upper classes and got to wear great clothes and hang out in the right clubs. They were snotty to people who had real talent but had to wear/work at Target and KMart to pay for their art supplies/classes. Must be nice to be a trust-funder!

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