Busker Blues

This one goes out to all my busker friends.  I see these people day in and day out, pouring their hearts out on street corners everywhere.  Granted, i have heard some terrible musicians playing on the streets, but you still gotta give them respect for getting out there and working hard.  And on the other end of the coin, i have heard some of the best music of my life as i unsuspectingly walk down the street.  So you gotta take the bad with the good, and remember that at least they are putting themselves out there!


3 thoughts on “Busker Blues”

  1. Awesome. I saw the coolest guy in the subway in Toronto when I was a teenager. He played steel drums, and did all classic rock songs. Blew my mind when he did Stairway To Heaven. Thanks for the comic.

  2. Glad you guys liked this one!!! Birdman, I think that guy is still performing. I know i have seen him! And Saw Lady, what you do is amazing! Maybe i’ll see you the next time I’m in NYC!

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