Musical Squares

I was sitting around, trying to figure out themes to write silly stories and gags for, when it dawned on me…  Most of my experiences of the past 10-15 years have been involved with music.  Whether it be playing shows (here in Canada, and abroad), going to see and supporting locals and touring acts, or even just drinking my money away in a bar with a good jukebox, it always comes back to the music.    So i decided to write what i know about and what’s important to me.. That being said, i also want to take the piss out of a scene that has become too bloated with ego and bring it back to why i fell in love with it in the first place.. cuz it’s fun!!!

I’ll be posting strips periodically about all things relating to music, and whether you’re a fan, a musician, or you hate the whole music scene all together, i think there will be something for everyone.  So, stay tuned for ‘Musical Squares’.


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