An Ongoing Debate

You ever find yourself in a social situation where two (or more) “know-it-alls” are talking about music?  This isn’t just a fun, light, party conversation, it’s a fight for survival.  Try putting your opinion in the mix and prepared to get scoffed at (i know some of you know exactly what I’m talking about)….  This is a classic conversation, that more people than you would think debate on the regular…. And well, it’s boring…. So, try this to shut ’em up!

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4 Responses to An Ongoing Debate

  1. susangeckle says:

    The way you drew them with such big mouths cracks me up. Its so appropriate for this topic.

  2. dirk says:

    Ha! Brilliant!
    This is what I’ve been practising ever since 1964 !
    It really works, but apart from that : it’s the only band that matters /- ed, is ‘nt it?

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