The Seams/Ice Cream/Kiwi Jr., March 10/17


Check out this poster i made for my pals The Seams.  This show is also the release show for their debut album.  They initially released it on cassette on Hand Drawn Dracula (it’s sold out), but now its coming out on vinyl by a Japanese label.  Oh, yeah, and i designed the album cover for it too!  As depicted in the poster, this show is bound to be a barn burner, and who wants to miss that?!

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Goodbye Mirvish Village…

goodbye_mirvishA little ode to one of my favourite neighbourhoods here in Toronto, getting ready to be destroyed for new condos, and “progress”.  After this week, any business in Mirvish Village will cease to exist.  It’s sad that such an iconic neighbourhood has to go, but this is happening all over the city.  Paving over old, iconic parts of the city in favour of big box condos, and corporate businesses seems to be the norm these days.  In about ten years, you probably won’t even recognize Toronto as it stands now.  And as the city becomes increasingly overpriced and harder to make ends meet in, shops like the ones in Mirvish Village will have a  hard time existing.
We had a really good time while it lasted..

Please note: this comic doesn’t cover most of Mirvish Village, just the places i spent most of my time while there.

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Why Do You Draw Comics?


Thought i would share a comic i made for the 20th Anniversary Comic Jam book.  Also appearing in said book is a nice little article write up on our comics crew ‘Read More Comix’ by Peter Sanfilippo.  I figured most people won’t get their hands on the book, so why not share a comic from it?  Sharing is caring after all!

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Star Wars doodle…. Return of the Jedi


Was just doodling around the other day, finishing my series of poorly drawn Star Wars classic posters when i heard the news that Carrie Fisher had passed away…  So, this one goes out to her.. and to the rest of the fallen bunch this year… Whatta year indeed….

See my previous posters here:

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Prehistoric Funnies


It occurred to me that this here blog has gotta so clogged up with show posters (nothing wrong with that, of course!), that some folks might forget that i also make comics.  Well, i almost forgot too, but i scribbled this one down in my sketchbook the other day.  So, mind the scratchy, rough drawings (i didn’t use a pencil..) and the clunky colours (i don’t know how to scan markers properly) and enjoy something i find myself not the worst at- making dumb jokes!

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Comedy Christmas Poster


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Drywall Heels/Countless Numbers, Dec 29/16


You play shows, i make posters.

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