November 23/14 – Not Feeling So Good….

sbc_nov-23b-14And sometimes when you gotta go…. You gotta go….

On another note, I just finished a moleskine sketchbook that is full of these comics.  Every bloody page!  It doesn’t even look like a sketchbook anymore..  And i did a page count, and i have drawn 80 of these pages since mid-September.  It’s cool to see how it’s progressed since then.  I still have a bunch more to post, and we’ll get there in the coming weeks, but i’m going to slow down on making these, so that i can work on some other projects, and recharge my brain.  It has been a really great exercise to do these, and i know it has strengthened my pen skills, but maybe not my storytelling skills so much…  Don’t worry, i won’t be stopping these comics, I’ve really grown into the characters, and there’s so much that can be expanded on, but maybe just a break.

Look for other things in the coming time, but ya know, we’ll still be posting these comics too!

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November 23/14

sbc_nov-23-14TV has become such a bummer…..

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November 21/14

sbc_nov-21-14Made for music nerds – and the people who love them – everywhere….

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Guest Comic – Wm Brian MacLean

2015-01-life-without-parole-all-i-wanted-640pxWIDTHI’m very flattered to be able to switch things up a bit today with a fan art post!  This comic was done by friend, and fellow comic jammer Wm Brian MacLean.  I love his line work, it’s really unique, and the joke is right on par with the level of stupidity that you’ve come to expect from these pages!  Thanks Brian, this is awesome!!!!

Check out Wm Brian MacLean’s stuff here! 

Also, come follow me on Instagram where i’m posting random doodles and whatever else i deems worthy.   @ mirsktoons

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November 20/14

sbc_nov-20-14Watch as yesterday’s snow comic devolves into today’s stupidness!…

In other news, i’m shutting down my Facebook fan page and i opened an Instagram account.  Facebook fan pages require you to pay Facebook money to promote your stuff and so people see it, and it doesn’t fall into the web’s gutters.  Well, I’ve never given money to Facebook, and there’s no way I’m going to start now!  So, i thought i would try something different.  Just gonna post a bunch of doodles and stuff there, so feel free to follow me, if you do that sort of thing…


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November 19/14 – The First Snow…

sbc_nov-19-14Well, i wrote this comic after the first big snowfall in the city.  Seems as soon as the snow hits, everyone becomes an idiot and forgets that this happens every year.  This leads to major panics, car accidents, and severely dramatic news reports…  Every year!!!

Well, i drew this a couple months ago, and today does not feel relevant.  As i look out my window, the sun is out and the snow is gone.  Although, i’m pretty sure if i leave the house, it’s still bloody cold out there…  Alas, it’s still winter, so i guess this comic is kinda relevant.

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Drywall Heels, February 12/15

feb-12-15Made a poster yesterday..

In other news, the Silver Dollar was deemed a heritage site, after some threats of a condo takeover..  so, congrats to them!

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