January 11/15

sbc_jan-11-15Why do all the best ideas come when you are too tired to do anything about them?!?!?!

I hate you, brain…

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The American Oz – Movie Poster

american_oz_poster_RGBHere’s a teaser movie poster i did a while back now.  Written, directed, produced and acted by Jordan Richards.  The movie isn’t done (or even shot for that matter), but i was asked to make a poster just like this.  I didn’t see any script, or anything, just went by the director’s direction and hoped for the best.  He said it was just what he was looking for, so i took that as a sign to pat myself on the back!  Looking forward to seeing the completed film, but judging by the release date, i’ll have to wait a little longer.

I also worked on Richard’s last film ‘Hardly Boiled’ in which i contributed a 3 page comic that was edited into the film.  It was fun to make a comic for a film because I got to work in a different industry, doing what i love.  When ‘Hardly Boiled’ gets a proper release, I hope you get a chance to check it out!

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January 7/15

sbc_jan-7-15We live in a scary world…  Constantly being bombarded by more and more horror on a (what feels like a) minute by minute basis….  Sometimes it feels like too much to take…  Leaves you feeling pretty helpless…  This world is way too fucking serious… Sometimes its just better to turn off the media and sit in silence…  Try it.  Maybe you won’t feel so depressed.

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January 6/15

sbc_jan-6-15A comic about how young people suck… or is it how old people suck?…  or rather that the radio and popular music suck….  There’s many layers here people….

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January 4/15


Goddamn pigeons…  Gutter birds…

Thanks for sticking with this comic folks.  We finally made it into the new year!  This also means that we are drawing closer and closer to the end of these pages…  Sad, i know, but it’s about time we move onto something else.  For those who are really digging this series, i will hopefully be compiling a bunch of these pages into one print comic.  It won’t be all of these pages (by a long shot), but it’ll be out sometime in the fall as long as things keep on track.  In the meantime, there’s still some pages to go, and many more other comics and posters to be drawn and posted.  Come follow me on Instagram for a lot of other drawings; sketchbook doodles and whatnot @ mirsktoons

Love you guys, thanks for being an audience for my stupid drawings!

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December 30/14 – Empties…

sbc_dec-30b-14Shouldn’t have called in sick to work…  Wasn’t worth it…

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Check this out!

Over the weekend i made it on the list of ‘Top Ten Concert Poster Artists in Toronto’ and needless to say i’m flattered!  Among me on the list are some pretty heavy hitters, and it’s a great honour to be a part of this.  Click the link below to read the whole article, and thanks blogTO!


And if you want to see a bunch of posters i’ve done over the years in one easy spot, check out my Gigposters.com page


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