weirdeyes-1 weirdeyes-2 weirdeyes-3 weirdeyes-4 weirdeyes-5Here’s a little improv comic i made in my pocket sketchbook over the weekend.  Don’t mind the blotchy greys, the images are too small for it to come out well…  Also, don’t mind the stupid storyline, it’s improv!  Fish eyes!!!

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Another lousy sketchbook page

countdownHere’s another lousy sketchbook page.  It seems to be a page from a larger story, but it’s not.  It’s just a moment of time, a sequence of drawings.  It started just as a doodle, and quickly spiralled into a page of comics.  Drawn with an orange pen, I didn’t plan out anything, or use a pencil until the last frame… maybe you can tell…..  Anyways, this was more of an exercise for me than anything, and it turned into something bigger…. well, just a bit bigger….

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Photo Day!

photo_dayI know i haven’t been posting here as often as of late.  Things have been busy, but never fear cuz i’m still making ridiculous things, just haven’t been able to share them as much.  So i thought i would pull a random page from the sketchbook.  Dumb random comics (my specialty…) are littered throughout my sketchbooks, this one just happens to have a punchline (albeit, pretty fucking stupid).  But be grateful for that cuz were not always that lucky…

More stuff soon, i promise.  M’kay?

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Happy Sunday!  Here’s a random comic i doodled today.  Better than sunshine!

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New minis!

So I forgot to talk about it when I first released it, but now that there’s another one, I guess I should…  We have some new print comics!!  That’s right kiddies, real paper!  Two more issues of my no staple, mini comics.  

First up is the ‘Lemonade Brigade’. It was initially made for TCAF back in May. It’s about lemons with bad attitudes – sour, if you will…. Sorry, that was terrible…  And there’s a fold out comic on the inside about a vampire who likes The Godfather.  It’s printed on a beigey-yellow paper, my first in colour!



And the second one is a drawing zine instead of a comic. Based on sketches of people trending on Instagram, this zine is much looser then the usual issues. I like this style too, but don’t worry, I just finished writing the next comic. Follow my hashtag #whileyouweretrending on Instagram to see more drawings. I printed this puppy on light blue paper, and it looks real nice..

   Anybody who is interested in purchasing copies of these minis (as well as previous issue ‘Lonny and Sly’) can do so today at the North By Northeast Comic and Prints Fair (click the link for the details).  I won’t actually be there though.. I have to work the day job.. But go visit the Toronto Comic Jam table and you grab yourselves copies for a buck a piece. I know, cheap right?! 

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Broken Pencil’s 20th!

BP20_colourBroken Pencil Magazine turns 20 next month! That’s twenty years of zines, and comics, and so many great things!  You should attend this event and party with them like you were 20 again (presuming you aren’t 20, of course). Oh yeah, and I drew this fancy poster for it.  

Check out the event here.  It’s gonna be a fun night!

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January 27/15

sbc_jan-27-15Ah shit… Becoming self aware might not always be the best thing….  And this comic is blowing the lid off my process (and my laziness..) for these pages.  Good thing it’s the last page…  Where would we go from here anyways?

It’s been a lot of fun drawing and posting these pages over the past few months.  This was a really great exercise for me to just draw pages without worrying what the outcome would look or sound like.  A truly freeing experience!  But i feel i need to move onto something else; a little more thought, maybe a little more refined… use a pencil dammit!  Hope you enjoyed the journey!

Something new soon!

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