September 21/14

sbc_sept21-1There’s a bright side to everything….  but it does seem to rain on every one of my days off….  or maybe I’m being dramatic?…..  Who can tell anymore….

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September 18/14 – ‘FUCK WORK’

sbc_fuck_workSo… for this one i might have cheated a little bit….. i knew the frames i was going to lay down before drawing them, which sounds easier, but actually just made it feel like i was under even more pressure to get the drawings right… i also cheated by pencilling in the third frame first (i was on my way to a mental breakdown if i didn’t).  So, sue me!

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September 14/14

sbc_back_to_workAnother sketchbook comic.  Not sure why i haven’t been posting these in order….

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September 15/14

sept-15-14drawing, drawing, drawing my life away…  more sketchbook comics!

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September 13/14

high_nighti’ve been getting in the habit of making quick, unplanned comics in my sketchbook.  It’s quite freeing from some of my normal comic making processes.  For one, you just do it, fuck the planning, which let’s me procrastinate a lot less, and just forces me to come up with something.  This has been a great exercise for the past couple weeks, and as they start to accumulate, i should start putting them online.  So, i hope you enjoy these stupid, little comics as much as I’m enjoying making them!

No pencils!  No planning!  Just drawing!!!

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lovelessSometimes (for practice) i’ll redraw an old comic panel, or cover in my sketchbook for fun.  It helps me break down how other artists make their pages and i can see drawing in another light.  This is one of those exercises.  I, of course, have to put my own spin on it as well.  As a kid, i used to redraw and trace images i loved all the time, and I’m pretty convinced that it helped strengthen my drawing chops.  I don’t know why i ever stopped…  Well, I’m gonna pick it up again (when i can) and just doodle stuff like this out.  This one i probably spent more time on than most of the other images to redraw, but sometimes you just get carried away and have to go for it.  It’s also a fun thing to do when you are feeling less than inspired to draw something.  So, above is my take on this romance comics cover, and below is the original i took it from.  Notice the subtle differences…IMG_2357

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SPX 2014

spx-14Here’s a comic i drew yesterday as i was sulking around that i didn’t go to SPX.  It just looked like so much fun; so many awesome artists, and new books to buy…  And well, a little far from where i am.  Tumblr and Twitter were blowing up all weekend with pics of sketches, table set ups, and meeting artists, who wouldn’t be jealous?!

Anyways, i drew this comic in my sketchbook.  No pencils, no layout, not knowing where it would go, and just go for it.  Maybe it’s lazy and sloppy, but this is a good workout for confidence, and my sheer speed of drawing.  I’m gonna do more when i get the time!

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