Decisions, Decisions…

decisionsTrue story…

In other news, I’ve joined a “comix band”.  No, were not playing music, but more of a collective mentality around comics.  This stuff gets really lonely, so it’s nice to be doing things with others.  What this collective actually means, we dunno yet, but we’ve agreed to post a comic a week each (and i could use the inspiration to get back to weekly posting).  I’m pretty excited to be working with some top notch cartoonists!

You can follow our comics postings on our new twitter handle too!  @readmorecomix

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Jonah Hache and Garbageface Fall Tour

yarrrrpposterHere’s another poster for my good buddy Garbageface.  You should check out this tour if it passes through your town.  Gonna be a good time and gonna be LOUD!!!

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Never Win…

never_winYou just can’t make all the people happy, all the time…

so fuck em!

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complainingAin’t this all the truth…

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Canzine posters!

CANZINE TORONTO CANZINE VANCOUVER Canzine WinnipegI was honoured to be asked to make the poster for this year’s Canzine!  Canzine is a big zine and comics fair in Canada, put together by Broken Pencil Magazine.  This year there are three events (Toronto, Vancouver and Winnipeg) so that’s why i posted all three posters.  I’m really excited for Canzine, not only because of my poster, but also because this will be the first time I’m tabling in the comics world!  I’ve tabled before at art fairs with a collective i was a part of a long time ago, but never on my own, and not with a focus on comics and zines.  Oh, and this year the Toronto show is at the AGO (Art Gallery of Ontario), so i guess zines and comics are becoming a legitimate part of the art world?!  Who knew?

Stay tuned for more babbling about Canzine as i syke myself up for the big event!

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Space Silence

Here’s a little comic i made for the Comics Workbook on Tumblr and headed by Frank Santoro.  I don’t usually go all out with colour, so this turned out to be a more painful process than i expected.  One week to draw and a couple months to colour… sounds right i guess.  Either way, it’s done, and that’s what is important really.  So, now i’ll be moving onto other things!

Comics Workbook!









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weirdeyes-1 weirdeyes-2 weirdeyes-3 weirdeyes-4 weirdeyes-5Here’s a little improv comic i made in my pocket sketchbook over the weekend.  Don’t mind the blotchy greys, the images are too small for it to come out well…  Also, don’t mind the stupid storyline, it’s improv!  Fish eyes!!!

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