lovelessSometimes (for practice) i’ll redraw an old comic panel, or cover in my sketchbook for fun.  It helps me break down how other artists make their pages and i can see drawing in another light.  This is one of those exercises.  I, of course, have to put my own spin on it as well.  As a kid, i used to redraw and trace images i loved all the time, and I’m pretty convinced that it helped strengthen my drawing chops.  I don’t know why i ever stopped…  Well, I’m gonna pick it up again (when i can) and just doodle stuff like this out.  This one i probably spent more time on than most of the other images to redraw, but sometimes you just get carried away and have to go for it.  It’s also a fun thing to do when you are feeling less than inspired to draw something.  So, above is my take on this romance comics cover, and below is the original i took it from.  Notice the subtle differences…IMG_2357

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SPX 2014

spx-14Here’s a comic i drew yesterday as i was sulking around that i didn’t go to SPX.  It just looked like so much fun; so many awesome artists, and new books to buy…  And well, a little far from where i am.  Tumblr and Twitter were blowing up all weekend with pics of sketches, table set ups, and meeting artists, who wouldn’t be jealous?!

Anyways, i drew this comic in my sketchbook.  No pencils, no layout, not knowing where it would go, and just go for it.  Maybe it’s lazy and sloppy, but this is a good workout for confidence, and my sheer speed of drawing.  I’m gonna do more when i get the time!

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Sketchbook Spread

stlucia_pano1Just an excerpt from my sketchbook based on (part of) a photo that i took when i was in St. Lucia…  The plan was to draw the whole thing, but it’s a panoramic photo, and i didn’t really plan it out all that well.  Drawn with a pen, no pencil!!!

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Lonnie + Sly

lonnie_1 lonnie_2 lonnie_3 lonnie_4 lonnie_5 lonnie_6 lonnie_7 lonnie_8Here’s my new mini comic ‘Lonnie + Sly’ in it’s entirety.  I printed up 100 of these little guys (they are about 3×4 inches), and it’s the third in my mini comic series.  I really like making these, and i really should keep it up!

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Some stuff from last week….

Just a few sketchbook drawings from last week.  These are part of the ‘Daily Drawing Challenge’ from Independent Ink on Tumblr.  Basically, most days he puts up a phrase or something to draw, and anyone is welcome to draw their own idea of whatever it is.  Here’s mine from last week….ciggie_crush A cigarette with a crush….raccoon_wizard A raccoon wizard…skeleton_warriorAnd a skeleton warrior….

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Happy Labour Day!

labour_daySo, Labour Day was this past weekend, which would make this post late..  But i drew it and posted it to Tumblr yesterday (again with the Tumblr stuff….. Can’t i just give it a rest??), so it’s not actually late at all!!!

Were all apparently lumberjacks here in Canada, so i thought this image to be appropriate?  Just another sketchbook ditty..  Hope ya had a good weekend!

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‘Life is a Struggle’

esta_vidaSomething from the sketchbook that i posted to Tumblr over the weekend.  Here’s a nice scan of it though.  Which is better?  I have no idea.  I drew this with my Pentel Pocket Brush and Sharpies.  Didn’t plot it out with pencil, so don’t mind the goofy looking hands…

Also, i know i’ve been saying this a bit lately, but i spend a lot of time on Tumblr.  I find its a better site for me to interact with.  So, if you are on Tumblr, add me!  I post a bunch more things there than here; i feel it’s less formal (whatever that means)…  So, i’m going to keep up with this, but i think there’s more to look at there, so come find me!!!!


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