November 6/14

sbc_nov-6-14work all day.. draw all night…. an artist’s life…

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November 5/14

sbc_nov-5-14Always waiting for a bus……

I dunno where you live, but transit in this town leaves a lot to be desired…..  This sort of shit happens way too often…  If i can walk somewhere, i’ll usually do that instead….  I don’t like relying on the transit system cuz most of the time i’ll be late for whatever I’m trying to get to…  And the fare prices are hardly worth it…..  Thanks TTC!

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Star Wars doodle…. A New Hope

starwars_ep5Was just doodling around last night in the old sketchbook and i wanted to copy an old movie poster.  Star Wars, having the best movie posters, was an obvious choice.  There’s just so much going on, and i love the compositions.  Well, it may not be technically right (i didn’t use any pencil) and the drawings are sloppy, but i really like how this came out.  Maybe i’ll do posters for all the other movies too, even the terrible ones….  I’m just gearing up for the new flick next year..

It also felt really nice to just draw whatever.  I’ve been doing so many of those sketchbook comics, sometimes i feel like i don’t remember how to draw anything else…  Change is good!

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November 4/14

sbc_nov-4-14MOVIE NIGHT!!!!!!  … a bust….

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November 3/14

sbc_nov-3-14Well, yesterday was a bummer, but we will keep moving forward.  Always gotta move forward…

Anyways, since i’m not going to be collecting and printing books of these comics, let’s keep on the posting schedule!  I still have more than 30 unseen pages of these comics to share with you.  And shit, i just keep making more.  Seriously, i just finished another one….  So stay tuned for more…. lots more…

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November 2/14 (again)….

sbc_nov-2b-14So….. I don’t really know what’s going on in this comic…. Maybe it’s an extension of the last page, and the sickness is really messing him up?  Maybe he drank too much cough syrup (again)?….  Maybe he took some MDMA?  Who the fuck knows…. it’s not for us to know…. shit, i just draw the damn thing….

On another note, i did not get into TCAF (Toronto Comic Arts Festival) yet again…  (to be specific, at least this year i got on the wait list, but by the time i find out if i got a table from the wait list, i won’t have enough time to make all the things i was planning).   I was planning on collecting these sketchbook comic pages into a big book….  And i was going to make a couple new mini comics for print…. and i was gonna collect my old blog strips and make another book outta them!  A lot of plans i had…. Anyways, since i didn’t get in, all those plans are a bust..  So now i gotta figure out what to do next… I’m not gonna lie.. i feel a little lost right now, but the wounds are still fresh….  So hopefully soon i’ll have a better idea of what the fuck i’m doing with these comics, or other comics, or art in general…..


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November 2/14

sbc_nov-2-14old school video games make everything better…..  i just wish i still had my Super Nintendo in working condition…….

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