it’s like the woods just swallowed it up whole….

CWwoods1 CWwoods2Made this yesterday for the Comics Workbook tumblr

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Awkward Stages of Hair Growth…

CWfacesI made this yesterday for the Comics Workbook blog on Tumblr

Follow me there!  I post sketchbook stuff sometimes, and other doodles that don’t always make it back to this site.

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Another House Commission

house3As some of you may have noticed, I’ve been doing more of these house drawings as of late. I just wanted to lay out the details on how to acquire such a piece for those interested (the rest of you should go look at a comic post or something)!  Anyways, if you are interested in hiring me to make you a house drawing of your place, or someone else’s, this is how we go about it.  First, send me an email to, with the header ‘HOUSE COMMISSIONS’ detailing what you want, and any deadlines, or really anything you think i should know.  Then i need you to snap some pics of said house; some close ups (for detail) and some further back so  we can see the whole property.  I can usually get anything I’m missing from using Google street view.  So that’s pretty much it on your end.

Now, the details….  The pieces are $200 each (in the future i may do smaller ones for cheaper, but this how it is for now), and come as a 9 x 12 illustration on watercolour paper, painted (of course) in watercolours.  I can mail them, or meet up (if were close), but shipping will be a few more dollars.  I accept Paypal, or internet banking, or cash… remember cash?  Anyways, I have to post these details because of all the inquiries I’ve had recently; better to have it all in one place.

So, if this sounds good to you, send me an email to and we’ll go from there!!!

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Important People…

big_rush_postA comic that appeared in my ‘Life Without Parole’ strip book about assholes and their self entitled attitude when driving.  I should probably make a comic about self entitled bicyclists, and pedestrians at this point, cuz ya know, turns out everyone is a self-entitled dick…  I’m not bitter, just calling it as i see it.  But i digress…..

There’s still a few copies left of the comic book, and then they are done forever!  So get one while they last, cuz i’m not going to reprint this book (probably…)

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House Commissions

house2The other week i posted that I’m up for commissions if anyone is interested.  I’ve always liked drawing architecture, but not with a ruler which is probably why i was never gonna be an architect.  But people have been digging these watercolour illustrations, so who am i to question things?!  Anyways, if you are a homeowner or know a homeowner who likes art, this seems to be something they are into, and you can hire me to make you a piece of your very own!

For those interested, please send an email to, and we can discuss details!  But for now, i gotta get back to the drawing board!

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procrastinationWell, this is bound to happen right?  Working for yourself, with no money coming in, self inflicted deadlines, us artists do it for the love (or at least we hope), but sometimes it’s easy to get distracted when you are doing it for no one but yourself….

This comic originally appeared as the back comic to my ‘Bready’ mini comic that came out last year.  Unless you got a physical copy (there’s still a few left), you wouldn’t have seen this.. Feeling nostalgic a bit as i finally make #3 in my mini comic series.  It’ll be a little different, but same format and folding.  It’ll be out soon (i hope), but distractions are rampant around here, so who knows!!!!

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Starry, Starry Night….


Apparently there’s a huge meteor shower going on this week.  I probably won’t be able to see it because i live in a big, bright city, but maybe you can!

I drew this a couple weeks ago with Sharpies and a brush pen after gazing up at the sky in the country…

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